Face painting at Parties

I am a skilled and creative face painter and have developed a way of working at birthday parties that doesn’t entail the children standing in a queue.  I ‘choreograph’ the rest of the group to play games while I face paint one child at a time, thus ensuring the maximum enjoyment of the group with no queuing and no boredom.  I have also moved away from ‘full’ face painting to a more minimal approach particularly with the younger children (under 4’s) whereby I paint little pictures on their hands that they can look at.  Girls like to have flower fairy princess faces and boys are usually delighted with ‘tattoos’ painted on their arms.

I only use the best professional non-allergic water based face paints which are easy to wash off with facial wipes or soap and water.  If a child has any type of skin or eye infection I obviously won’t paint their face but will offer to paint something appropriate on their hands instead.


Face painting at Events

I have years of experience face painting at corporate and family day events and have a huge range of options within my repertoire. I am very skilled at gauging the needs of the event and can adjust the face painting accordingly…i.e using less detail when queues build up or by offering small ‘tattoos’ (with face paint) on hands or arms.  I always arrive dressed in my flamboyant clown costume being unmissable visually.

I can also provide a team of face painters for the larger events who are equally experienced professionally.

Only the best non-allergic water based face paints are used.

You can contact Anna at 01 2353929, mobile 087 9133288 or email her at anna@kidsentertainment.ie


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