Kids Party Games

  • I use a wide variety of kids party games, usually starting off the party with some high energy musically based, interactive games, with tasks to do within the games to keep them interesting and fun.
  • With most of the games I use, the emphasis of the games is not  a competitive one, but rather one that stimulates their imagination , creativity  and ability to play in a group.

  • Kids Party GamesPrior to beginning the games I usually allow a landing time for the children ( particularly the under 5’s) to feel at ease with each other and with me. This is done by generating an atmosphere of fun and general silliness, ie; by guessing their names,  using songs and rhymes, and with the animation of small soft toys to put them at their ease with the help with the mini parachute.
  • Once the initial high energy has been channeled, I set up some great traditional children’s games, which are wonderful to play in so far as they are exiting and have an element of suspense which keeps the interest of the whole group.
  • I don’t use any games where there are winners or losers and I don’t recommend using prizes as they can cause friction with some children getting upset when either they don’t win or they don’t win everything!
  • However I do try to give the birthday child special focus by allowing them to be the first or leader in a game if they so wish.
  • I like to keep the games flowing and to recognize when to change a game and introduce a new game in order to respond to each groups needs, ie; age, energy and concentration levels, whereby creating a balance within the games from the high energy physically based to quieter more imaginative games.
  • I also can create games whereby I instill a theme ie; a pirate or a princess one, which with my narration I guide the children to act out a little scenario , which can be very magical to behold!
  • With the older age groups I have some fantastic really fun and funny games that are wonderful to play, plus some challenging fast paced relay races with a difference!

Kids Party Games

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