The Mini Puppet / Magic Show

I developed this little puppet show to precede the clown show specifically for my younger audiences in mind.

It is a gentle funny little tale about three children staying with their granny Noodlehead, but ends up on a pirate ship on the high seas off the coast of Ireland and the adventures of a pirate who can’t get warm.

In this little story the Birthday girl or boy is the special helper as they are the only person who can get the magic wand to work, to help the pirate’s granny who is a witch who doesn’t know how to do magic spells as she is still in spell school, and also help to Anna Bananas find the magic key to her brain!

The rest of the audience are involved with the creation of sound effects!

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You can contact Anna at 01 2353929, mobile 087 9133288 or email her at


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